Friday, May 23, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

The engineers went out on strike
All but one, a bloke called Mike
He played golf at the country club
And crawled all the way home from the pub


G said...

Tell Mike I'll meet him at the pub tomorrow for a Guinness and a gab.

Egghead said...

I think I might be related to a few of these Mike's.

Georgina said...

David that made me LOL. I divorced a golf fanatic called Mike. Debs x

Maggie May said...

I am laughing at this bloke called Mike
Who drank a drink & one was spike...(ed)
The country club is not for him........
If a game of golf he hoped to win.

Quilly where ARE you>!

Anonymous said...

Maggie -- first busy, then sick. Sorry.

When the Union boss knocked on the door,
Mike picked himself up off the floor,
He staggered over and let the boss in,
Still wearing his golf glove and reeking of gin.
The Union Boss was a bit put out,
He began to holler and shout,
"Hold on a minute!" Mike finally said,
While using both hands to cradle his head.
"You said, Follow my orders to the tee,
And that's where I went, so don't yell at me!"

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Mike told us he was going to his sister's wedding yesterday!!!

Georgina said...

I wrote this about my golfing ex, just as I filed for divorce. I hope it makes you smile. Debs x


Well here I am I’ve filed for divorce
Planning my future, me, my cat and my lovely horse
My most loyal companions over the years
They’ve helped me through the blood sweat and tears

I married a man who didn’t give a toss
He tried to make out he was always the boss
Control his priority he would “put me down”
Often boasting “he was the richest man in town”

Well all this has taught me, rich he is not
I really do worry he’s losing the plot
For I am the richest girl on this earth
My friends and family have proven their worth

Yet another shop girl he’s “doing.” Wow!
Shop, Shag and Shallow, he’s in control now
How right I’ve been to break free from this hell
I’ll leave him to shop girls, his future looks well!