Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hook, Align And Sinker

Addiction? Mate, I Thought You Said `A Diction'

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Are you a blog addict? I've been thinking about this subject a lot since last week, when US-based Deborah Gamble gave us the highly recommended blogpost Addicted To Blogging. In her warm, funny, inimitable way, she really started the ball rolling and I'd like to share one paragraph from her post:

6:00 AM - Barely conscious, rolling over in bed with fuzzy dreams quickly draining from my mind, and reality coming into sharper focus, first cognitive thought for the day is, "What can I blog about this morning?" Fall back asleep loosely creating photos with funny captions, clever anecdotes, and long-winded tell-all tales in my mind.

Other bloggers must have been functioning on ESP, because India-based RK wrote How To Identify a Blog Addict. He presented the post in a typeface akin to handwriting, which was a really appropriate and creative touch. I won't steal his thunder, but here are two of the points he made:

``You are more interested in increasing the hits on your blog than increasing your salary'';

``You photograph (to post the shots on your blog) of the person who is running away with your wallet instead of shouting for help.''

Then the theme was picked up by another entertaining blogger, Singapore-based OzLady, who produced Seven Ways You Know You're Addicted to Blogging. She's looking for readers to help compile the top signs by which you know you're addicted to blogging. Among the signs she has listed are:

``Your thoughts are now phrased as blog entries, as if there is a blog reader in your mind'';

``You only take photos of things that will be interesting to your blog readers and old Aunt Betsy doesn’t cut it.''

So if you have any opinions on the subject, do visit each of their blogs and give them your feedback. And if you happen to see OzLady's Aunt Betsy, please take a photograph of her, just for old timers' sake!

And post 'em on ya blog!


Cuckoo said...

Lolz... I was also thinking of writing on the same topic since quite sometime, but not now.

Enough of these. Maybe after a few months.. but be ready, very soon you might get something from me to do !! :P

Cheers !!

Mrs Mac said...


I don't know about addicted, but when I'm low, making myself get up and log on so that a certain small bear can climb up here and do his thang can make a big difference, put routine into my day, and stop one day merging into the next unremarked upon.

If it's a crutch it's an enjoyable, creative one, and one I need at this point in my life. In respect of it being a need and making a difference to me, yes, it's probably addiction!

Unknown said...

hey david
we got flooded out of our home. so we're kinda on vacation till further notice. our blogging is very limited but don't forget us cause we will be back! prayers are appreciated.
gerald and moosey

Wolfy said...

I was up to 4AM today redesigning my blog and establishing a Google Group, too, to support my blog. So, yeah, I'm an blogaholic. :)

BTW Where are your Awards section that you posted in Google Help?

Wolfy at

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Glad you liked the post. Always happy to help if you want something done.



david mcmahon said...

Dear Helena,

That small bear has made a big difference to many people, not just to his Mum.

And if updating his blog helps you find a focus and a purpose, then we are the richer for it.

You enjoy being the conduit for the inimitable Bob's thoughts - and we are committed fans.

More power to you

God bless


david mcmahon said...

Hi Animals With Opinions,

Not good to hear. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

No, I would neve forget you. Just take care, be safe, be warm and be dry.

Shall move heaven and earth for your safety and wellbeing.



david mcmahon said...

G'day Wolfy,

Yes, I did notice the Group addition to your blog. Would be good to see some regular posts, too.

You get some great comments and you project the site beyond the niche.

Most of all, my advice is to have fun with your blog.



Anonymous said...

i am elated after reading those lovely words about the post. thanks for linking it.
loved the other links too. very well presented!


Jenera said...

I must say I've grown addicted to it, lol. I like having an outlet to share things and to empty my brain out. It's also a place I can share my photos to get feedback and what not. Everything that happens to me, I think whether it's good fodder for the blog!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh David,

I HAVE to cut back on my blogging -it was fine when it was only the housework that suffered, but this not-a-book-of-mine needs far more TLC than I'm giving. If can cut out nicotine, surely I can (at the very least) cut back on blogging?? Maybe I should try acupuncture??

Craver Vii said...

I cheer when I read the confirmations that suggest I'm "addicted to blogging." The blogosphere has lovely neighborhoods like this one and people who don't blog... well, they just don't get it yet, do they?

David, have you heard of "blog-jacking?" I just put up a short post on it with a link coming back here.

I hope you're feeling better this week.

Deborah Gamble said...

Thanks for highlighting my blog and the link. I was wondering how I had so many new readers comment on that post!