Saturday, December 27, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

The stockings were hung by the chimney with glee
But greedy Cousin Ron had not one but three
So we filled one with berries and one with pineapples
And laughed while he practiced his lunges and grapples


Craig Glenn said...

Nice, kind of sounds like a trick one would play on a little brother!


Bart said...

My stockings were not hung upon a mantle with care,
For alas no mantle surely was there.
So in lieu of the normal hanging place for that bling,
I just gave everybody all of their things.

shooting star said...

nice one!!

Maggie May said...

Cousin Ron was a naughty boy!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that's what happens when you're greedy.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season dear David. Love to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

The stockings were hung on the mantle that night
And gave dear old Santa a terrible fright.
'cos though they were large, and belonged to some Bin men
That fact of the matter was, Dumb George was in 'em.

That's reaching a bit, Annie.