Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Best, Bar None

The Moe The Merrier

A US comedian claims he is the inspiration behind Moe the Barman, one of the best-loved characters on The Simpsons. Rich Hall, 53, has always thought the cartoon landlord - who is obsessed with Homer's wife Marge - was rather like him. "I suspected that Moe was based on me because I used to write with George Meyer back when he was one of the original writers on the show," he said. "Matt Groening was a fan of my stuff. Other people said 'You look and sound just like Moe'. Then Matt confirmed it. It's an honour, once you get over the shock of seeing yourself as a horrible, yellow caricature." To see a composite image of Rich Hall and Moe, go to Ananova.

FOOTNOTE: This bloke is really Rich - and famous.


Pope Terry said...

well there both wonderfully funny.

Brian in Oxford said...

Rich Hall used to be on "Not Necessarily the News" back on HBO in the 1980s. He invented the term "sniglet" for homemade words.

I always liked "funch" -- to flip the pillow over to get to the cool side.