Saturday, September 22, 2007

Honest, It’s Abe

Helter-Skelter, Delta Swelter

Were you on the Delta Shuttle from New York City to Washington DC on Thursday that had a VSP - very special passenger? Did you get your picture taken next to Abraham Lincoln? Yes, that’s right. President Lincoln (well, it was his wax figure) was on the flight, clad in a black suit and bow tie. The waxwork is part of the exhibition at the opening of Madame Tussauds DC in the capital, which opens on October 5. Visitors will be treated to a demonstration of the 200-year-old process that Madame Tussauds staff use to create a wax figure.

FOOTNOTE: I’m all for Abraham linking.


qofd said...

I’m all for Abraham linking.


Linda said...

Well, we Hoosiers do enjoy our puns. Thanks for the linc-age. But really, was the figure on the shuttle? Like a regular passenger?

Merisi said...

I hope the air condition system on the plane didn't break down. Abe slincolning down his seat would have been too sad a sight. ;-)