Friday, September 14, 2007

Post Of The Day

The pick of the bunch today is Bob T Bear Esq's hilarious post Dogs And Their Bottoms, which is closely followed by Martha's innovative presentation Dog Fight. Next up is It's The Little Things with The Scent of Roses and Suldog's poignant tribute 5-24-76. I'd also like to nominate Danielle's powerful Leaps in Logic, Vic Grace's rich humour in Why Do Women Take So Long In Washrooms? and for an incomparable image, visit Old Man Lincoln's exquisite Drunken Bumblebee.


CHEWY said...

Techie Question: Where did you get the widget (or whatever it's called) to make your post labels appear in a box?

I dislike how mine are in a long list and want to compact them like yours.

Suldog said...

Thanks for the mention and the kind words, David. By the way, Bob T. Bear is marvelously quirky.

Stacy said...

I'm with Chewy, how DO you get the labels in a cloud instead of a list?

CHEWY said...

I made myself a cloud tag widget following the instructions at: Link for cloud tag

And it works!

OMG! I'm a computer geek!

Stacy said...

LOL, Chewy... I wish I was a computer geek, then I wouldn't need so much help!

Lori said...

Hi David,
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! You have a lot of great stuff on yours. I'll have to come back to read more.
Greetings from New York,

Buck Pennington said...

Thanks for the interesting links, David. You DO get around!

oldmanlincoln said...

Wow, well that was quite a compliment. Thank you for the link and comments. I am almost handicapped with pain either in the thumb, wrist, or between the shoulders so I am not able to type much or get around like I should. Sorry for that.

it's the little things... said...

Thank you so much David for the link to my post. You're the best!

Cuckoo said...

One thing I would like to point out here.
Vic Grace's post is not original. I have read the same article (word by word) some 6-8 months back on someone's blog. Probably on Ozlady's. Not able to recollect where but it is definitely not original.

May I ask Ozlady to help here.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh wow! I ownly jus fownd this! A post of the day! WOW! I can ownly conclood that yu all hold strainge admirayshund for dogs' bottoms! Wa-heyyY!!!!!!!!!!!


(thank ku!)