Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cacophony Of Comfort

Greetings From An Indian Cyber Cafe

You're wondering why I'm on the other side of the world, high in the Garwahl hills of northern India? You reckon I should be back home in Melbourne, getting ready for the gastronomic delights of the Yuletide season? But there is a simple explanation. I'm in India for four days because my nephew is getting married tomorrow. This is a part of India I've never been to before. Last night we were up in the old British hill station of Mussoorie, where the temperature was just one degree and where it had snowed a couple of days earlier. I'm typing this on a recalcitrant keyboard in a cyber cafe in Dehra Dun, where the door is open and all the familiar sights and sounds of this country have embraced me again, like a faithful old friend.


Janice Thomson said...

I would love to travel to India - it is a land steeped in mystery and mystique, rich in scenery and diverse in culture.

Lee said...

Congratulations to your nephew! Glad you were able to go home for a visit.


itisthelittlethings said...

I've always been so curious about India. I hope you post some pics!
Congrats to the nephew!

gs said...

hello david
nice to know you are in india.maybe you can call me when you are free.i was in jabalpur last week to attend the wedding of a dear friend,we flew to khajuraho from delhi and then travelled by train to jabalpur.k as you must be knowing is famous for its temple architecture and the exquisite sculptures. will be soon posting my experience on my blog.have a good time in mussourie.

katherine. said...

sounds like you are enjoying your trip! I am looking forward to many pictures....smile.

Anonymous said...

I was imagining you in Bangalore! How nice to be in Mussoorie. My parents honeymooned for a month in Nainital and other places but we never visited again. Is that where your nephew will be residing or just the venue of the wedding? Either way, sounds wonderful. Does Shane look like a McMahon?

Looking forward to pics, like everyone else!

Carol McFarlane

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Cool! Hope yu enjoy it!

Pope Terry said...

Sounds like a fun trip, I trust we'll be swamped with pictures on your return

Anonymous said...

Hi David, Thanks for the pics of Doon - Alistair (our son) mentioned that you may be posting some photos of the wedding?
Wishing you and yours A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and May 2008 be a Happy One.
Doreen & Brian (Jonas)