Sunday, December 16, 2007

Plane To See

Many Flights Of Fancy

So you're wondering why I haven't been visiting your blogs for the past three days? And you're wondering why I haven't been commenting on your blogs since Thursday? Well, there's a simple reson. I flew out of Melbourne early on Thursday morning and spent two days in Singapore. Right now I'm in New Delhi, India, where I've flown in for a wedding. The posts you see on this site are being published by Terry Fletcher in Portugal - because I didn't know how much internet access I'd have for this five-day period. So don't worry, I'm okay and I haven't forgotten about all of you. I'm here - but you just can't see me!

(comment by Terry: I know you regulars already know it, but keeping up with this guy is akin to "reaping the whirlwind" (whirlwind: a. A tumultuous, confused rush). But he will be back soon, so don't stop visiting or I will begin to think I've done something wrong!)



dot said...

Oh, so now we know "the rest of the story"!!

Melissa said...

Well you do get around don't you? I hope you have a great time at the wedding! We miss you and thank you for planning in advance. I think I would be going through authorblog withdrawal!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Dot,

And more details to come .... it's a very quick trip for a family wedding, but great fun.



Les Becker said...

Terry, I think it would be grand fun to turn all David's photos upside-down while you're blog-sitting. A friend of mine once did that to the paintings in his mother's house while she was on a trip... on second thought... well, okay, maybe David wouldn't see the funny side of that.

Fletch said...

Wicked suggestion, Les, but haven't got the thingy's (you know what I mean) to do that.

Besides, if I did, my 'street-cred' for other people allowing me to access their blogs would disappear in a puff of dust!

But I did chuckle at the thought.

BRUNO said...

Up "here", in MY "neck of the woods", it's more commonly referred to as a "fart in a whirlwind", or even a "fart in hot ashes"---either of which certainly don't linger around in one spot for long.....!