Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Joy Hind

Indian Bowling Has Plenty Of Appeal

For the myriad cricket fans out there, here are some random observations from the first day of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. Do let me know if you agree - irrespective of the fact that when I was in my twenties, I was fortunate enough to be an international cricket writer.

* This India-Australia series is the most important battle of the year.

* Bravo, India, for taking five top-order wickets for just 106 runs (Jaques, Hayde, Ponting, Hussey and Clarke) to reduce the home side from 135-1 to 241-5.

* Any Test side would be fairly comfortable at 276-5, but when Australia loses its top order for less than 300, it is big news.


Ottayan said...


It is indeed good news. Since I am the sort who sees the glass half empty, India has to kill of any further resistance from the lower order in order for my ulcer to subside.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

David, I hope you've had a lovely Boxing Day.

Soulberry said...

I'd agree with all of those.

I'm from St.Xavier's Delhi, Mr.Macmahon.

The pitch could look a little different with a different pace and bounce acting upon it. I expect the grumpy old Indian men in the team to take a bit in their stride and bat on.

Then there is the issue of rough created by left-armers...Hogg could be bowling into it to the right-handers just as Harbhajan and Kumble could be bowling into a similar rough outside the left-handers' off stump created by over the wicket bowling.

Interesting final day in store if India opt to have a few more good sessions tomorrow and the day after.

Cuckoo said...

Yes David, I do agree with all the three pts. Could watch the match for sometime but I must admit, at the start of the game I had given advantage Australia.

In the year 2007, I think India-Australia are the main competitors.. be it Twenty20 war or any other. Indians have given them a tough fight.

Sam said...

hi David,
didn't catch teh match.. but yeah did hear abt teh owling performance.. anywyz, teh australian team has fought back to 337 which i blv is a good first innings score...
btw, merry chirstmas!! :)
I hope youadn yoru family had a great time!! :)

scorpicity said...

Australia blew it! They ended up with a good score but they know the score should have read something far higher... the pitch is somewhat sluggish so the Indians too will have their hands full.

Fletch said...

Agree with all the cricket minutiae, but since both teams have thrashed the Brits in recent times, I can't declare a preference for either!

Fascinated by your 'word-play', though, and just in case your 'non-Indian-non-Australian-non-cricketing' visitors have missed it, here's a quote from an authoratative source:

"Jai Hind" is a salutation most commonly used in India. It means roughly "Victory to India" or "Long live India".

So does this mean you aren't a "true-blue-Aussie"?

(P.S. Liked the 'bowling' and 'appeal' juxtaposition, too!)

Pope Terry said...

It wasnt as important as my cricket match yesturday... Drunken boxing day cricket, ah what a great tradition. Plus we won hooray.

Straight Point said...

if only our batters showed some application like our bowlers did things could have been interesting...