Friday, June 20, 2008

Mayor The Best Man Win

You’d Be Stiff Too, If You Lost

Romanian villagers have voted to re-elect a dead man as their mayor, to prevent his living rival winning. Neculai Ivascu - who led Voinesti for almost two decades - died from a liver disease last Sunday, too late to cancel the contest. But the village's loyal residents still gave him 23 more votes than his rival.

FOOTNOTE: Dead certainty.


San said...

Not a lame duck. A dead one.

74WIXYgrad said...

He did win that one in a dead heat.

Maybe one of his promises was to obtain more land for the village and what put him over the edge was when he "bought the farm."

Brenda said...

74wixygrad is funny!

I used to live in a state that put a dead man into the Senate. (Or was it House of Representatives?) I can't remember. He used to be the governor and perished in a plane crash a month or more before the election. He wasn't removed from the ballot and won. It made no sense to me.

Cowgirl said...

I have Grave doubts about his ability to inject life into the village. Perhaps he should step (six feet) down.

Maggie May said...

Was his nickname Dodo?