Monday, January 21, 2008

Hot Cross Bums

Women Cops Say Their Trousers Are Not Hip

Policewomen in the UK are rebelling against their regulation trousers - because they make their bums look big. Dozens of female officers complained to the trade magazine "Police Review" that they wore men's trousers because they looked better. Ananova reports they were particularly aggrieved by the "Simon Cowell-style high waistbands" which cover up curves and the bulky, ill-fitting material which makes it difficult to run after offenders. One West Midlands policewoman complained: "The force needs to listen to us."

FOOTNOTE: The force ain't with them.


imac said...

Think of all the arrests they would make of all the men slapping their A***.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Oh please. I wore women's uniform pants for 25 years. Lose some weight you heifers. That's the bottom line. Bwahahahahah.

lynn said...

LOL Sandee!!! Made me laff out loud. Thing is, when they complain it doesn't show off their shape, i mean, why do they need to do that? They need to be catching criminals, surely, not wiggling along the road. Ridiculous. Any more UK stuff we have to be embarrassed about?

Lin said...

I suppose it's admirable that they don't wish to caught 'waisted' on the job. But I think it's a bit of a bum steer. I know, I'm being cheeky.

P.S. (you know ... revenge for 'carp pooling')

Eve said...

Yup, Irving gas station attendants have the same problem.*shakes head in pity*