Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's runaway winner is House of Lime with the beautifully conceived Conversations With My 13-Year-Old Self. Close on her heels were Humor Me with Ever Get Wii-Mote Smacked; Ron's Psychology of Hair; Don Mills Diva with One Mother’s Love - For Her Work; Rachel's The Time Has Come; Kristabella's L7; Macy with the ordeal titled Denver Airport Part 2 and Amber's Country Roads To Evergreen Lake. Do try and visit as many as you can, and leave them an encouraging comment.


Nicole P. said...

Oh wow, thanks for the mention!! Seriously! I saw the referal on my site meter.
Good to have readers from all over the world. I love learning about life in other areas, feel free to stop by again, anytime. I will visit you too.

lime said...

wow, i still can't quite get over it! thanks so much.

love ron's piece hairstyling psychology too. it was great to hear his perspective since i am one who avoids hair dresser chairs and sits quietly, mainly because i am on panic mode.

Rachel said...

Wow! Really!
Oh my gosh! Thank you, I'm truly honored.
:-) He did wonderfully and now looks just like a little man. I survived too, hair intact in a little baggie. *sigh*
Thank you so much. I'm tickled pink!

kristabella said...

Wow, thanks! I'm happy to unite band geeks from all over the blogosphere!

Suldog said...

Lime's post was magnificent! Thanks for sending me over, David.