Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Wright Stuff

It's All Thanks To Orville And Wilbur

Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

Sometimes the simplest shots can be just as satisfying as identifying a great picture waiting to be captured. The striking colours of this early-morning scene really caught my attention while I was in India three weeks ago. Blue and silver and black are not colours you often encounter - and my rule is simple: if I look twice at something, I photograph it.

This stylised eagle is the emblem of the Indian Air Force, with its proud history in combat and in peacetime duties. The Hindi words in the round emblem spell out "Bharatiya Vayu Sena" which translates of course to Indian Air Force.

The words displayed in the silver banner below the crest are "Nabha sparsh deeptam", meaning "Touch the sky with glory".

With today's Photo Hunt theme being "Important", a defence force sums it up perfectly. And where would we be without the efforts of the pioneering Wright brothers? In essence, this is a salute to pilots and ex-pilots, both military and civilian, in every corner of the world.


lynn said...

Lovely colouring isn't it.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Lynn,

That was quick. Yes, the colours caught my attention immediately, as I was walking past.

Keep smiling


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

These colors work well, eye-catching and prominent in its stance. Nicely done!
Couldn't agree more, a defense force is important.
Rocky Mountain Retreat

david mcmahon said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you. I'm glad you liked the shot and the colours. The blue was just so striking.

Keep smiling


Corey~living and loving said...

soooooooooooooooo important indeed. :) great choice!
happy weekend David!

Andrea said...

Hi many blogs and other sites that I visit, yes, I clean out my cache often. The last two times I had no problems getting out. Maybe I will have good luck this time too. Thanks for your advice though.

imac said...

Great photo hunt David.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Corey,

Thank you, I'm glad you like the choice.

Have a great weekend

Keep smiling


david mcmahon said...

Hi Andrea,

Yes, I figured you would be a methodical sort of person who would clean out your cache regularly.

I'm baffled, but I hope the problem doesn't recur.

Thank you for continuing to visit.

Keep smiling


david mcmahon said...

Hi iMac

Thank you. Hope your wife is feeling better.

Keep smiling


jennwa said...

That is definitely important. It is something we do not think about as often as we should. Thanks for reminding me. Great take on the theme.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks, Jennwa

Glad you liked the picture and the interpretation of the theme.

Have a great weekend

Keep smiling


Sarge Charlie said...

excellent photo

Autumn said...

So very very important... I wouldn't have a job without airplanes! I don't know how you do it David... how you make everyday items look so interesting.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sarge Charlie,

Thank you very much. Hope you and the Empress have a great weekend.

Keep smiling


Carver said...

That's a beautiful photograph. I hope you have a great weekend.

Nessa said...

I like that saying, "Touch the sky with glory."

david mcmahon said...

Thank you for those kind words, Autumn,

I guess it all happens because my attention is always caught by ordinary sights that somehow turn into great images.

I reckon it's a blessing.

Keep smiling


david mcmahon said...

Hi Carver,

Thank you so much. It was too good a sight to walk past. I was actually in a huge hurry that morning, but I HAD to take the picture!

Have a great weekend


david mcmahon said...

Hi Nessa,

We see so many mottos these days, but that one has a touch of something special, doesn't it?

It's an inspired choice of motto.

Keep smiling


denz said...

wow! how nice your picture is,indeed that really important! kepp it up...

check mine:
Happy weekend!!!

Fletch said...

I am envious that the IAF know precisely what their motto means, and that it can be translated so succintly.

As you already know, I spent 36 years under the motto "Per Ardua Ad Astra", and scholars are still undecided as to its exact meaning, or translation.

The two versions that are currently in favour are:
1. "Through Struggles to the Stars"
2. "Through Adversity to the Stars"

My preference is the latter!


Good shot. Brother Mike will obviously love it, and you should consider offering it to

Olivia said...

Awesome photo!
I took flying lessons as a Freshman in college. Never did get my license, but it was so much fun!
It was such a freeing experience, and all the lights at night were so beautiful!
I felt important then, but even more so as a wife and mommy to a wonderful little family!
Thanks for stopping by.

ellen b. said...

Nice take on the theme. I would not have seen my favorite places in the world without flight!

Sandra Evertson said...

Add away!
Your blog and photos are Fabulous! That blue is jumping right off the page!
Sandra Evertson

eastcoastlife said...

Your photos always make me think. And I like reading your interesting posts because I can learn new things from them. I'm learning so much from you. Thanks.

eric1313 said...

That is a very poetic photograph, as well as the moto, "touch the sky with glory".

Great shot, great post, great subject. It all came togther right here.

I've been away from home, and have had trouble keeping up, but it's good to see you still running free with the images and words.

stev said...

"touch the sky with glory" =)

very inspiring & evokes somehow feelings of india old

great works feat on ur site

added to my (very) short list of notable photoblogs

jmb said...

That is a great photo indeed for the hunt this week. Lovely emblem and represents a very important force for India.

Andrée said...

What a great idea. I like their emblem. It doesn't seem as pugilistic as some.

Barbara H. said...

So true, a defense force is vitally important.

Amrita said...

Very impressive and solid

Roxy said...

Nice colors...

Anonymous said...

Loved your take on important. Happy hunting.

lynn said...

I've got a caption contest today at cheltenham David. Come over and do your best. Anyone else welcome!

FANCY said...

"Touch the sky with glory" beautiful, heavenly words...:)

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Lovely photo! Since our human dad is a member of the Canadian Forces, we can wholeheartedly agree that Defence Forces are very important!

Dragonheart & Merlin

LibertyBelle said...

A great choice for the theme and a lovely and vivid photo!
Happy Weekend

pat houseworth said...

Wright Brothers...Local University in Dayton named after them..Wright State Univesity.

Wife has her BA and MA from there, youngest son receives his BA this March and goes back to WSU for his Masters starting in July.

Great Air Force history at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base here as well.

Cindy said...

I like the idea of your simple rule- if you look twice, you take a picture.

Sniz said...

I loved what you said about if you look at something twice, you photograph it. That's really cool.

Misty Dawn said...

Great post, David. You are right, the colors are striking. I join you in the salute.

the teach said...

Wonderful post for Photo Hunters. A salute to pilots and in particular the Indian Air Force! :)

I tag you for the Wish List Meme. Don't feel compelled to do it. :)

the teach said...

David, you'll find the Wish List meme at my other blog: Answers to the Questions

Katney said...

I am catching up on your awesome recent entries and your India trip. Some of those things that you comment on are so totally India to me. I would love to return and see more of the country, but there are so many polaces I would love to see or see again...

Dragonstar said...

Thank you for visiting me David. This is an excellent choice for 'important' and an eye-catching photo.
I've just spent a while browsing through your blog, and I'll be back!