Monday, January 14, 2008

Making A Big Impression

That’s What You Call Down Time

A Croatian builder made a big impression when he fell from the third floor of a building and landed in a pool of freshly-poured concrete. Milan Krajnic, 27, a manager at the project, was completely unharmed after he fell 35 feet (almost 12 metres) into the liquid concrete. He said: "I found out later that the only reason the concrete was still liquid was because it hadn't been mixed right by one of the workers I was employing. Normally I'd be furious - but in this case I'll let him off."

FOOTNOTE: He was just cementing his spot.


Misty Dawn said...

Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world ;-)

BRUNO said...

He should feel fortunate he's not in the SEPTIC-pumping business---it's ALWAYS mixed wrong.....!

cube said...

Bruno beat me to it. There are worse things you can fall into than wet concrete.