Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Hound Doc

Called To The Bar, Er, Bark

Hungarian scientists are working on a computer programme to enable people to understand dog barks. The software is said to work out the nuances of a dog's barks, howls, yaps and growls. After analysing 6,000 barks, it aims to determine when a dog has seen a ball, when it is fighting, playing, meeting a stranger or when it wants a walk. But the computer correctly recognised the emotional state of 43 per cent of dogs, just ahead of humans with 40 per cent.

FOOTNOTE: 101 Damnations.


Ornery's Wife said...

Oh, dear.

Bart said...

Seems to me to be a waste of research grant money.

I know what they're saying.


Joomla Components said...

This is really not good from the Ornery and Bart ...they are talking off topic.

**"Liza"** said...

looks like a very unsuccessful research huh..pretty wierd..;)

david mcmahon said...

Hi Ornery's Wife,

I guess they'll have to ``hound'' the researchers to prove that the money is being well spent!

Keep smiling


david mcmahon said...

Hi Bart,

Wonderful to see you here, where the Welcome mat is always out for you and the Queen.

You're right - you;ve worked out what the pocches are sayin'

Can I therefore get them to send the grant money to your address instead?

Keep smiling


david mcmahon said...

Hi Joomla Components,

Ornery's Wife and Bart are good friends. It's all cool. It's all about having a bit of fun and repartee.



david mcmahon said...

Hi Liza,

Money for jam, I reckon! The dogs can;t contradict the researchers..... or maybe they really can!!


Keep smiling


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

"WOOF" = feed me!
"WOOF" = I wanted that chair!
"WOOF" = change my water, yu slob, do yu reelly think I'm gonna drink THAT?
"WOOF" = cat!
"WOOF" = take me for a walk!
"WOOF" = open the back door!
"WOOF" = wy don't yu buy us a howse sumwhare that haz a better garden? huh? A dog needs variety in whare to poo, yu kno, an as for playses to wipe my arse, oh don't get me startid! It's not like yu let me yews the carpet eny mor, is it?

an so on an so on an so on....


jhee jhee jhee!!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Bob,

Bears rule. (But you knew I was going to say that!)

Keep smiling


The Egel Nest said...

Alternate Footnote:

Hungarian scientists still trying to decipher the, "I want to hump your leg" bark.

The Egel Nest

Corey~living and loving said...

LOL interesting comments here. My dog is almost 2 years old, and she has never barked....but I swear she is saying things all day. She has expressive eyes.
I photogrpah her, but she is all black and man....that is hard to photograph...I've tried.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I read about this the other day - funny, I've never needed software to understand what my dogs are saying - they've always been at pains to bark, growl, whine their opinions very clearly. Or maybe I'm just Dr Doolittle...

bermudabluez said...

Yikes! Go ahead and give them my address ... they can send grant money directly to me. I understand my dogs quite nicely, thanks!!

RuneE said...

Maybe they can now start on humans?

Thank you for a nice comment!

lynn said...

Frankly i'm surprised this study has not been done before, to try to decipher dog language. It makes perfect sense to me, out of interest, but to which purpose? Can the money spent be justified, what is the application for it I wonder apart from it being interesting.

You said at the last sentence that the result was better than the human one. Did they also study human barks?

Sandy Kessler said...

I have an italian greyhound Pharoah who has issues with one cat, Evigny Mimue. I swear it sounds as if he is SWEARING at her !!!!!!!!!

Smitty76 said...

Wow, that's crazy! Dogs might slowly start to take over the world. ;-) Thanks for visiting my site! I'll be sure to be back to visit yours again soon! :-) April

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hell, anyone who's lived with a dog for any great length of time can understand everything they say. Same with a cat. Just listen.

Merisi said...

I am sure something positive for somebody is hidden in there. All we need is a computer programme to figure that one out!
Got a call from Budapest lately?

Misty Dawn said...

My dogs could teach that computer a thing or two ;-)

Lin said...

Excellant one-liners, David, a TKO threefer, in fact!!!

I hear their computer's bark is worse than it's byte.