Friday, February 06, 2009

Cricket Reaches A Plateau (Literally)

Everest Or Bust

A group of cricketers is heading to Mount Everest to play a record-breaking high altitude match on 21st April. The teams will play on an artificial pitch when they reach the Gorak Shep plateau in Nepal. They hope to raise £250,000 and the match will be broadcast live to an audience watching at Lord's.

FOOTNOTE: Another Lord’s prayer.


Cuckoo said...

This is quite a news. Which country do they belong to ? I would love to see India-Australia. :)

Jazz said...

I tried to make it to the base camp when I went to Nepal. But I got altitude sickness so that sorta sucked.

Mojo said...

Who's playing whom in this and will they only do a 1-day affair, or a full-on test match? I don't know cricket from shine-ola, but I wouldn't mind seeing a spectacle like this one. Just for the historic importance if nothing else.

I'd have to guess that some of the India-Pakistan matches have been played at substantial elevations, na?

Gareth Wesley said...

Hi guys.

I'm one of the organisers. Answering your questions:

Nationality. The project is based in London, England. The players are predominately English with some Australian and New Zealand players.

Who is playing whom: Two Teams, Hillary and Tenzing named after Sir Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay the first people to summit Everest. The players are all UK based and are a mix of standards from schoolboy Internationals to Baisc Club level, split suitablity to ensure a competitive match up.

It is an official Twenty 20 match endorsed by the ECB, we will be using full equipment and taking our own pitch. We will also be having bespoke coloured kit made by MKK sports who supply English County Twenty 20 Champions Middlesex.

We also have Andrew Strauss and Alistair Cook as Hon Captains of the two sides.

For more info please visit our webiste: