Saturday, February 28, 2009

Money For Jam

He Was On A Hot Streak

A Norfolk barman closed the till hid the day’s taking - about £1,000 - in a hot oven after his boss told him to put it in a "safe" place. The horrified landlord said: "When I got to the kitchen and smelt the burning, I realised he was serious." The Bank of England has said some notes may still be useable if their serial numbers are legible.

FOOTNOTE: Crisp notes.


Sarah Laurence said...

Funny if tragic! When my agent first started 3 decades ago, she stored manuscripts in the kitchenette’s (unused) oven. Must have lead to some hot deals.

Atlântico Azul said...

LOOL!!! (to the post and to the above comment!)

74WIXYgrad said...

I guess they had money to burn.

Janet said...

Once again I'm speechless. Presumably the barman was new?

Misty Dawn said...

He was waiting for the 'dough' to rise. ;-)

David, as you know, I don't usually ask someone to read a specific post. However, knowing how you fabulously create 'play on words', I think you would get a huge laugh out of my most recent post - Urine Leaking E-Mail at Misty's Musings.