Monday, February 16, 2009

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

A midsummer night's dream is a dollop of cream
And a crisp skin over your fillet of bream
For a late-dusk meal, shun barbecued eel
And ignore the spiel for deep-roasted teal


SandyCarlson said...

Fish and chips are your very best bet
If eel and teal you hope never to get
Crispy, crunchy, deep-fried cuisine
Is the only way around the icky fish scene!

Johnnny said...
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Johnnny said...

I know how you feel. Once you start rhyming, it's hard to stop. My wife and I write "add-on poems" all the time, alternating lines. We use "rock, scissors, paper" to decide who begins. Greetings from Fargo, ND.

Anonymous said...

I had to google teal,
but duck is not my meal.
Instead I will wish
for wine and that fish.

Jeff W Bach said...

A poet it would seem
With words for us to glean
As you write of an intoxicating meal
With such eloquence and zeal

Anonymous said...

Noticed your blog on the 'blogs of note' page. Just checking it out. Different from the blogs I visit, but interesting.

Congrats for being noticed!

Crystal Dawn said...

A winter's night is more my plight
no tender morsels on which to bite
stomach growls as brute wind blows
a meal of tears sprinkled with woes

Hope you don't mind that I had a go at it. I don't exactly know what the rules are.

introspection said...

Cream wream can remain aside
For tikka masala is full of spice
No roast nor fish n wine be tried
As nothing can beat curry and rice
Then of course ice cream is right
To have a blast on mid summer night

Have never written verse in my life, but frankly David your blog style is contagious. I have taken the liberty of trying it out.

And thanks immensely for visiting my blog 'inner feelings'. You made my day and all my blogging worth the write, with your valuable comments.I value them lots and will certainly keep in touch. Will also send you some stuff that I have been writing. can I? Thanks again.

Lesley said..., I wish I had the wit
To add a rhyme, just a bit.
These clever verses set such a pace
.... oh I know...
We're all veggie and eat nothing that has a face!

Lol, errant rhyme at its best! :O)

Anonymous said...

teaching rhyming in English is of vital importance , in Spain students are not encouraged to find new terms through rhyme,¿ how could you advise me to use them in class ?

G said...

they wait in queue for the promised grain,
in hope, in pain, in the monsoon rain,
we shrug, we laugh and then we feign,
igonorance to the blood, the death, the ugly stain.

Jeremy Weber said...

My dollop of cream
seems to fade like a dream
as i eat on a mid-winter type day.

My life is a meal
served with onions and eel
thats stings me
when I lunge for the fork.

Great poem my friend. Hope to talk soon.