Friday, February 13, 2009

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

The second wife of Emperor Kaffenhaas
Donned a gown that was diaphanous
The court jester queried whether a taxi-bus
Was big enough for her gluteous maximus


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Must body image always have to come into it.

Tracie said...

it's either late.. or that's pretty funny ;)

Merisi said...

Too many visits to Demel's,
I gather. ;-)))

Working mum said...

Congratulations on being a Blog of Note!

It's a while since I popped in and I'd forgotten that you were based in Melbourne. Our thoughts are with you and the other Australians affected by the fires. Truly a tragedy.

tara @ kidz said...

Whoa. Queeny got back, eh? ;o)

Merisi said...

David, I hope everything's fine at your side of the globe! (I have had my cup of coffee without your POD, that's why I am a little worried.)

Agendia Aloysius said...

Nice blog. Our sympathy to all those affected by the deadly fires in Australia.

The villager: said...

Nice to come across a little good cheer on your blog !

Brother Tobias said...

The third wife of Kaffenhaas the Emperor,
Posed for a mural in plastered egg tempora,
It took up the ceiling, two walls and a door,
And was best enjoyed lying prone on the floor.

Montag said...

Congrats on the usual congratulatory suspects. Well done.

However, the second wife seems to not be "cheeky" enough.
That is, she has only one gluteus, and not the usual requisite number of two glutei.

I sense there is a limerick yet in all this.

creativehigh said...

too good.....your posts are good dud

Tracie said...

you're so welcome! and i agree.. appreciate the encouragement. Faith is pretty much all we have. i am striving to remember, and continue to take the risk.
take care!

indicaspecies said...

This is so funny!

Blog of Note? Congratulations David.:)