Monday, May 11, 2009

Devon Incarnate

Now That’s What You Call A Loophole

A row has broken out in England’s south west after a Devon baker was given the prize for the country’s best Cornish pasty. Organisers have admitted there was supposed to be a disclaimer on the application form which stated all entrants to the Cornish Pasty competition must come from Cornwall.

FOOTNOTE: Chew-chew train.


Nessa said...

They forgot their small print.

Thumbelina said...

Ooh ahr - they 've got right up them Cornish noses they 'ave!

Maggie May said...

Another stupid British thing!
*Cornish* pasties are the design...... surely you can have 'em elsewhere!
Like cheddar cheese can be eaten & bought in Australia. Don't have to come to Cheddar, do ee?
Bist ee get thaa?

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, next we'll be seeing Cornish Clotted Cream with our scones

Valerie said...

They're very possessive down south of the country. Blame the EU for attempting to brainwashed us Brits.

Shadow said...