Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

Trevor Rose had a bulbous nose
It intruded into every pose
He told us all that it was "swell"
As it enhanced his sense of smell


Merisi said...

I like a guy with a positive olfactitude! :-)

Pastor Sharon said...

How funny. . . where do you come up with this stuff? It's great!

Shadow said...

'all the better to smell you with'

Eddie Bluelights said...

He said, "What a whiff!"
Let's see if I sniff
In just a few secs I'll be able
To detect horse mature from the stable!"
POO! That will be good for the roses!

Nan said...

It was the Dong, the Dong with the luminous nose! You need to get magnetic love poems, they are great fun.