Saturday, November 06, 2010

Verse and worse

My next-door neighbour, Mr Algernon Boyd
Was told by his shrink that he lived in a void
So now he tap-dances all the way down the streets
And tips his top hat to each lady he meets


Johnnny said...

I used to live with my Mum and my Pap.
They both fell into the generation gap.
To make sure that don't happen again.
I say my mantra in tantra zen.
happy wkend

Brian Miller said...

not a bad gig actually
one day it might be me, exactly

Merisi, Vienna said...

Let's just hope he a-voids trouble down that slippery road! ;-)

Ayak said...

Mr Boyd it would seem
Just lives in a dream
Those ladies don't mind
Cos he is very kind.

Maggie May said...

I have often toyed.......
With living in a void
It could make me look strange
But it might make a change.

Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, you're back, you're really back and I am loving it, Mr. Boyd complete with tophat and cane, indeed! I believe he fancies himself a bit of a Fred Astaire!

CiCi said...

Mr Boyd is a cool dude no matter where he lives.

Lee said...


Thank you for thinking of Mom. I've done as you requested and there is
now an "Update by Request" post on my blog telling about how Mom is
doing. It was good to write it and good therapy. I'm sorry I've not
been as faithful a reader and commenter as I used to be. For some
reason, these days when I get busy or have strong emotions I tend to
pull back rather than hang it all out there. Please keep coming back
and reminding me of the need to write. It was so rewarding when I
started it and rereading your first Roast and my responses to the
interview questions this morning made me realize how much I'd gotten
from the blogging community. When I talk about "wonderful friends"
you're one of the best and most thoughtful on the list.

Tried to email this directly, but the email address I had for you failed.