Monday, November 29, 2010

Verse and worse

The new lighthouse keeper
Is such a heavy sleeper
That he sets eight alarms to rise every morning
And take on his duties even while he's still yawning


Eddie Bluelights said...

It's a wonder he sleeps at all
With the bright lights on his wall
With continuous flashing
And the strong winds lashing
I would be yawning
Long after the time of dawning

Johnnny said...

Sleep all day to work all night
Helping anyone within sight
Must stay awake to save each boat
Shine the light to keep all afloat.

ArtistUnplugged said...

The lighthouse keeper should watch for ships
Though blinded due to constant light blips
Sleep to the music of constant waves
But awake he is for ships he saves
Perhaps he should retire at the crack of dawn
Watch those vessels during the night and yawn

Mimi said...

Sounds just like me,
He, he he!

indicaspecies said...

The heavy sleeper, lighthouse keeper
Needed eight alarms and also a beeper
Once he woke up, scratching and yawning
He used 'shine language' for communicating

Unknown said...

Poor guy, must be tough being a lighthouse keeper.

Maggie May said...

It is a wonder he gets up at all
Hearing the waves crash and fall.
Theres no one to talk to & nothing to see.
Theres nothing to do 'cept drink up his tea.

Glad it isn't me!
Maggie X

Nuts in May