Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Verse and worse

The master builder taught his daughter
How to lay bricks and prepare the mortar
Her skills and talents could not be finer
Now she's cloning the Great Wall of China


Jackie said...

She certainly has her work cut out for her!!! :)))))

Brian Miller said...

ha fun last rhymes...

Jinksy said...

I can see the attraction of bricks and mortar,
but they weren't what pleased my little daughter.
Her heart was set on becoming a teacher -
now she's climbed so high I can hardly reach her!

CiCi said...

I would rather she build
something needed more
Hospitals, shelters,
schools and much more

Maggie May said...

She went to China to get away...
From Pa who worked her all of the day.
When she saw the size of that Great Wall
She got out her hanky and had a good bawl.

Word ver: ALOTSIZE !!!!!!!!!

Maggie X

Nuts in May