Thursday, November 25, 2010

Verse and worse

Henry Moloney was ever so bony
So he ate fried mushrooms laced with baloney
He began to work out, now he's sinew and muscles
And the women all love him in faraway Brussels


Johnnny said...

Henry had a dream that he was a frog,
His whole family was moving
to Prague,
If and when they hit a bump in the road,
They instinctively all jumped like a toad.

Johnnny said...

That first scenario
was a bit of a lie,
Hank was actually
moving up to the sky,
Of their new home
Hank was plenty proud,
As it sat upon
a pillowy cloud.

Merisi said...

Will he skip the Thanksgiving turkey?
White meat only?
A bit of kale?
Let's hope
the dry bread -
no butter, please -
is not too stale!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Yes that chap was extremely thin
But no-one has said he loved to swig gin.
It's funny the way Brussels Ladies liked him
But it might be his fitness he got from his gym.
But ladies elsewhere turned up their noses
They thought 'nowt' of all his advances and poses.