Friday, February 29, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's major prize goes to Kim’s Seattle Daily Photo with the post Hope. Among the other contenders of the day were Nicole P with Haunting Photos; Daryle with This Morning and Last Night; San Merideth with Climbing Into The Past; Classy Chaos with She Nose It All; Katy Did Not with Captain Annoying and the Kindergartener; John with Sky Watch Friday and Quintarantino with Shhhh I Have A Ssssecret. Do pay them a visit and leave them a comment if you have time.


Vienna for Beginners said...

Daryle's "This Morning and Last Night" is too funny: I had to stop drinking my tea while reading it. I will forever ponder what that obsession with microwave cookies is all about! :-)
Thanks for the laugh, David.

Nicole P said...

Thanks for mentioning me again David!
I find this to be quite and honor!
Off to see the other posts.

Daryl E said...

I am flattered and once again annoyed I didnt get that fancy gown in which to accept this award .. seriously, praise from you dear Den Mother means a lot. Off to visit the others!

A.Bananna said...

I love it when you do this. I like checking out all the other blogs and meeting new people.

have a great weekend david!!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the links!
I love that Hope photo! Great pics!

OHmommy said...

Thanks David. We are off to the nose-picking shoot in one hour!

Small City Scenes said...

All great--hard to choose. MB

San said...

Thank you, David!

I look forward to reading the other posts.

How do you get around to all of our blogs? Don't tell me. You've cloned yourself multiple times.

katydidnot said...

the hope photo? best thing i've seen in weeks. wonderful choices, david.

flattered to be included. thanks. for everything, your readers have been gracing my blog, and i appreciate how you spread the bloggy love!

Kim said...

Dave, Thank you so much for this lovely honor! Turned on my computer, checked the email, looked at the stats page and . . . "Hummmmm," says I. "What are all these visitors from this website?" Click. "Oh, How nice. This fellow who left a comment yesterday has included a link to SDP. Do I know him? Name and avitar don't seem familiar. No, I'm not acquainted."

So I'm thinking you may have seen the photo on the City Daily Photo Blog portal? Wherever it was,
how fun to have "Hope" included in your picks. I'm glad to make your acquaintance, and thank you again!
Seattle Daily Photo

CrazyCath said...

You go to such effort to recommend these David. Thank you so much. I am learning a great deal and meeting a lot of new friends, and it is down to finding your blog in a lot of the cases. Thanks.

Katney said...

You never steer us wrong, David. Several of your recommendations have found their way into my favorites folder so that I can visit them frequently.

Shrinky said...

I thorougly enjoyed enjoyed Sans post (I haven't got around to reading the others yet). Thanks for drawing our attention to it David.

John said...

Thanks for mentioning me for the Sky Watch Friday pictures David!
Thank you so much for this lovely honor!

John said...

Odd photos sounds fun. Thanks for telling me about it. We are going to visit Spain for the next couple of weeks, so there want be any post on my blog during that time. Maybe i can shoot som odd photos in Spain :-)

By the way, my wifes cusin`s name is Odd, maybe i can publish a photo of him.. ;-)

Looking forward to see your pictures with your new Sigma 300mm.
My picture nr.3 and 4 was taken with a Tamron 70-300, nr.1 and 2 with a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.

My next lens will be a ultra-wide zoom with focal length 10-20mm for wider landscape`s photo.

Best regards from a Nikonians.