Friday, October 10, 2008

Lattice Pray

Putting the Honeycomb Effect On A Cloudscape

Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

If you like photographing skyscapes, then Melbourne is the place to be. Because our weather pattern is so unstable, the sky can be clear blue in one quadrant and completely grey on another part of the horizon.

It’s not unusual for us to experience extreme variations in the same day. Winter and summer are never far apart in this beautiful city. In fact, even though we are midway through spring here, we still had ice on the cars a few days ago.

You have to remember that our weather is the "opposite" of yours. So while the rest of the world celebrates Christmas Day in winter, it is our scorching summer.
But remember what I told you about our weather gods being capricious? Two years ago we had snow on Christmas Day and the temperature (in our summer) was colder than in was the same day in New York, at the height of winter.

The lattice that you can see here is the metal "skirt" of the Victorian Arts Centre. I took this shot while I walked down St Kilda Road about ten weeks ago. The same branches that are bare in this shot are now covered with fresh green leaves.

And if you’d like to walk down the road with me now, the sky could well be grey by the time we get there!

MamaGeek and Cecily, creators of Photo Story Friday.


Maggie May said...

You live in a lovely city in a lovely country. Just as well we are not all experiencing the same things at the same time, else it would all be very boring.
The lattice work looks great with the sky formation behind it.

Merisi said...

Man-made from nature:
Man took the branches and twigs of the tree, straightened them, wove them into a lattice not too different from the one they had formed on the tree, and then painted them the colour of the last leaves remaining from a distant fall.

I like the contrasting juxtaposition in your photo, great shot! :-)

Arija said...

I've not come across that one before and it's nice to know that someone still walks along St.Kilda road.

spacedlaw said...

Interesting structure. It looks a bit like bits of a roller coaster.

Kat said...

And I thought Wisconsin weather was unpredictable. Wow.
I love that shot. I'd love to see todays shot with the leaf covered tree. :)

Cecily R said...

What a GREAT shot! I keep thinking I'd love to jump into your head and see what you see, but that's what's so wonderful about your photography...we can do just that!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Cool shot as always.
Love that the weather is so unpredictable funny how that is. It has been know to bring a little snowfall in summer moths round here too! I've always been fascinated by the weather.