Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music To No One’s Ears

Maybe It’s All Smoke And Mirrors

Parents in Bosnia and Herzegovina are fuming after education chiefs introduced a school music book that included a traditional Spanish song about smoking cannabis. La Cucaracha - popular in the Mexican civil war - is about a cockroach that can't walk because of all the marijuana it has smoked.

FOOTNOTE: Going to pot.


i beati said...

you made my day hahahahahaahahahahahah

Katney said...

Welllllllllll! Perhaps if they had used the original instead of the parody from hippy days they would not have been in such hot water. "La Cucuracha" was the nickname of Pancho Villa's car, and while the parody relates that the cucuracha "falta marijuana que fumar" (marijuana to smoke) the original that I learned as a child relates that La Cucuracha "no puede caminar porque le falta gasolina que quemar" (can't run because it lacks gasoline to burn.)