Monday, October 27, 2008

Shoot Happens

You Callin' Me A Son Of A Gun, Betty?

Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

This shot was taken at Beaver Creek in the Yukon. I had actually woken up early to photograph the dawn colours on the mountains that stretch across the highway. Even before the snow started turning pink in the early morning rays, I walked around to take some shots of signage and other unusual sights.

The light wasn't the best when I took this shot, very early in the morning, but I simply had to take this shot. I didn't actually have the time to walk across to Buckshot Betty's, so maybe I'll leave that for the next time I travel to the Yukon.

I'm sure the unique name will trigger my memory.

(The Odd Shots concept came from Katney. Say "G'day" to her.)


juliana said...

ha, that's an amusing picture. the sky shows lovely morning colours, though

The Texican said...

His daddy was a pistol, he's a son of a gun. Pappy

Anonymous said...

Shame you didn't have time to go in, not often you get a chance to see a real 'pistol packin' momma'

Hilary said...

Fine photo and commentary.. it might win a "Bullet Surprise" ;)

Sandi McBride said...

Lee was just asking me if I thought you had any more Yukon photos and I assured her that you would have enough to engage our curiosity for months...thanks for proving me right

babooshka said...

Well I'm a little gunshy so might pass up on this oddity.