Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stealing The Limelight

Nice Acting, But There’s No Oscar Nomination

Police chiefs in China have been criticised for hiring actors to rob a bank as a training exercise - without telling anyone else. Only the director and the deputy director of the Zhenzhou police department knew it was a drill - everyone else, including the bank, thought it was a real raid. The good news is that all the "crooks" were caught.



Maalie said...


I fed my hens on sawdust
They laid eleven eggs;
Out hatched eleven chickens,
But they all had wooden legs!

The metre of your verse a post or two down reminded me of this one :-)

richies said...

It's a wonder that someone wasn't killed.

An Arkie's Musings

Debbie said...

What a bunch of lunatics. Imagine if someone had been shot.

Braja said...

That is so Chinese. Honestly :)

Poutalicious said...

Risky business.

Count Sneaky said...

This is a most interesting blog and I will have to read it in fits and starts. Bear with the Count. He's old, but alert. Best Wishes. Count Sneaky