Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give A Dog A Bone

This Story's Gaining Currency

A Kenyan man persuaded police to arrest his pet dog after it ate his rent money. He marched his dog down to the police station and demanded that officers lock up the animal. Police reportedly refused until he paid them 50 shillings to make it worth their while.

FOOTNOTE: Dough-berman.


Merisi said...

Let's guess what part of the arrested indivual was taken the mug shot off! ;-)

Johnnny said...

Who'd have thunk that the man's pet
Would turn out to be such a threat
Now the money to pay the dog's bail
Is sitting inside the county jail

Here are my latest two caption contests:

Cynthia said...

Okay! Where is the photo? I need a visual for "your funny"-maybe a loaf of bread?! What does a "berman" LOOK LIKE AND WHERE IS HE FROM? (Btw Johnny meant to say some version of the money is in jail.)

Moannie said...

It could have been written by Pinero,
A farce of dog who ate dinero.
But what a joke, and oh so funny,
He eschews his meat, or love of money.

Akosua Miracle said...

But...I don't get it!

Shadow said...

huh? the grown-up twist to not doing one's homework?????