Friday, July 31, 2009

Wild And Woolly

I've Got A Trombone To Pick With You

Classical composer Gustav Holst was once ticked off by a Cotswold farmer for playing his trombone too loudly and making his sheep lamb early, researchers have discovered. They revealed: "An irate farmer came rushing up to him and said, 'You are causing all this trouble with our sheep. They are lambing too soon, with this noise going on'."

FOOTNOTE: Very sheepish.


Shadow said...

oh my.... i guess sheep don't appreciate music.

Mojo said...

Why does this not surprise me?

All those "trombone player jokes" my son's told me over the years came flooding back as I read this. And I started to wonder if they aren't even truer than I thought!

Trombones, after all, do make up the majority of the "brash section".

Maggie May said...

Poor sheep. A bit harsh on the (sh)ears!

Nessa said...

You can't be lambing too soon. totally uncalled for.

jay said...

But farmers have been making sheep lamb too early for decades. What? Do they think it's natural for lambs to be born in midwinter so they have to be protected by hay bales? LOL!

Shrinky said...

The brass cheek of it!