Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toy Story

It's The Ultimate Recycling Scheme

A British father who grew tired of discarding his children's unwanted toys is now turning them into giant sculptures instead. Robert Bradford has become a celebrated toy artist, selling his creations for up to £12,000 each. He has created dozens of sculptures that use up to 3,000 toys each.

FOOTNOTE: Transformer.


Mojo said...

Three... thousand toys??


No wonder he has to charge so much for the work. He's going broke buying materials!

Merisi said...

Why didn't I think of that?
Four kids, imagine the possibilities! ;-)

Brian Miller said...

what, no to see if i can find some pics...imagine they are pretty cool!

skywind said...

Oh, was too inconceivable. Too crazy.
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Maggie May said...

I'm starting to build in the back garden! The girls have far too many toys! Haven't told them yet!

Bunny Boiler said...

3,000?? He doesn't just also happen to own Toys "R" Us, does he?