Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Are Ya, Bud?

I Never Look Down On Roses, Except This Once

Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

Pink rose. Fresh bud. What's to photograph? You've all seen a million rose pictures, here and on other sites. But when a photographer seeks a different angle, suddenly a commonplace sight becomes something that you look at with a fair bit of attention. All I did here was to position myself above the rose bush (easy to do when you're more than six foot tall in your socks) and I was able to capture an intriguing view.

As part of my "Get The Picture" instructional series for bloggers who want to improve their photography, I thought I'd present my rationale on this shot. The composition is unusual, but I wanted to include more than just the bud itself. I sought the totality of the view. I needed to present the bud itself, the delicate lime-green triangles that peel away from the bud, the leaves at interesting angles and far below, a fully-open bloom.

The quest to combine all these factors in a single frame meant that the bud is off-centre, yet it gives you many points of reference. And because the bud itself is not dead-centre, I guess it brings other aspects of the image to your notice.

If you have a question about photography, just drop me a comment here and I'll answer it as soon as I can.


imac said...

Ilke it david, I like it a lot.
The different shot, thats what its all about.

Am now back on line, the saga continues-----

MyUtopia said...

Great angle! You have a great eye!

Jenera said...

When you're a shorty like me, shots from those angles are tough :o).

You mention it's off center. I was once told by a pseudo-professional photographer that you almost never want your 'subject' to be centered-whether it's an object, person, etc.

Is this true?

Lee said...

I heard the same thing, jenera. A photography instructor told me that you should divide the image area into 3rds and put the subject on one of those imaginary lines.

Love roses, David! Thanks for including this. It is nice that you have both a tiny red bud as well as a pink bloom in the background.


Kimberly said...

If you've taught me anything with your beautiful photography that you share with us here, it's that angle and perspective are such a huge factor. I no longer stand, point, and click. The other day? I was on my knees. Now that's photography!

Misty Dawn said...

I love the angle of the bud, but I especially love how you have a full bloom beyond the unopened bud!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

This is very pretty... very pretty indeed.

Merisi said...

Such a beautiful image! I want to go and hide my pictures now. ;-)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Nice shot and good advice, David. Thinking outside of the 'normal' shot is something that I have to force myself to do. Usually the results are worth remembering to do it when compared to snapping a picture from the front.

Colleen said...

I like this bud. Looks like it's making a sour face. As if it just sucked on a lemon =)

Kerri said...

Great shot and thanks for the instruction!!!