Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Of The Day

Today's winner is Blog It Like You Mean It, with Thankful, in a photo-finish and just edging out the eminently readable Cowgirl with Dinners That Don't Deliver; followed by Imac's Sky Watch Friday, Haphazard Life with Thanksgiving South of the Border, Ninja of the Mundane Zen and the Art of Friendship, Down River Drivel with Under Attack! and Colleen with Remembering Hong Kong.


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi David:

Thank you SO much for your lovely birthday wishes! Very kind and sweet of you!

Be well!!

Angela said...

David ~ Thank you so much for this honor. Wow. I'm speechless. And humbled. Thank you.

imac said...

Thank you so much David. What an honour to be named in your Post of the Day.You have made me a happy chappie.

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Colleen said...

No way! Was that possibly twice in one week? Cool! Thanks David=)