Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post Of The Day

Cue the music, run up the flags. Play the national anthems as the champion steps up to the podium. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses for today's winner. It's Suldog with Set 7 – Weird and Wonderful, Boricua in Texas with Squirrel’s Nest, Diva Tee with the pithy Yippeeee, Florida and Baby Blue Spider with Taking The Last Boat.


Suldog said...

Hello, David!

As always, I appreciate the honor. However, perhaps the title got lost in translation? I didn't realize that there was such a gap between American and Australian :-)

indicaspecies said...

Hi David,

Thanks for these Posts of the Day that I've begun to enjoy once again. There are times when I have quietly come in here and slunk away without saying a hi. Apologies.

celine :)

Jeni said...

David - just wanted to tell you the link to the second blog doesn't work -but otherwise, three good reads you've recommended for us -nothing new about that though is there?

Michael Rigg said...

Stepping up to the podium: "Well, I'm honored of course (applause / fumbles through tuxedo pockets for speech written by wife). I, um, have so many people I'd like to thank. Um... My agent... um, if I had one. (Stupid laugh / crowd laughs) I have to thank God, my beautiful wife. Oh, and I'd like to thank David for giving me this hon-- (music starts to roll up from the orchestra pit)... I'd also like to... (mic cut off, music swells louder, Meryl Streep escorts me from the stage).

Thanks, David.