Friday, November 30, 2007

Post Of The Day

Today's championship is the first three-way tie. Please applaud Lee's Walking Side By Side, Bruno's Fulfilling My Obligation and the big Texan fella, Fat Hairy Bastard with College Graduation Ceremony. Breathing right down their necks were Suldog with Pointy The Poinsettia; San Meredith with Roflmao and Omaonrofl; On A Limb With Claudia's post Thursday Thirteen: Experiences With Dead People and Linda with Christmas Modification of a Meme Or Two.


Tina Leigh said...

My goodness you've been around the block or two & checked out some interesting blogs! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. We sell pecans tomorrow & then I will have a life again!! See ya!

Lee said...

(G) Thank you, David! I'm delighted to be among the top 3. Somehow I think I knew the dad in you would like that one. Hug your kids today and go for a walk with them will you?


KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha David,
We're done!! WE finished the book in 30 day challenge. I have a 68,251 word
So tips on editing ?

thank you!!!!!!!!! Peace, Kai

Suldog said...


Thanks so much, as always. Pointy tells me it's nice to know we have a friend halfway around the world :-)

Linda said...

Hi David,

Thank you for visiting and thanks for the mention here on your "Post of the Day", I am flattered to be amongst this stellar group of bloggers!

imac said...

Congrats to all the winners.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh, thanks for the link! I really appreciate it. I have you bookmarked so I'll be back!


eric1313 said...

Congrats to the winners. And I'm waiting for the Christmas in the Summertime post!

I won;t be around much, though. My aunt is in the hospital with multiple tumors, and things are getting bad. But I'll keep my head up. She's a great woman and you never know, she could pull out of it fine.

Thanks for the visits to both blogs, the mail and the wishes.

BRUNO said...

A late thanks for the "freebie-plug"! It was Friday here---need I say more???

My---I feel so KNIGHTED! Sir Bruno of The Royal Flush---I raise my gilded plunger to you, and read from the scroll of Charmin, the true "lord of the loo".....!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hey, thanks for the write-up. I guess the quality of my writing goes up when the subject has real value to me, or brings up real feelings.