Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Of The Day

The gold trophy of the day goes to Garden Goose for the post Hey Y’All. Also in the mix were Casdok with Things Are Not Always As They Seem, Digital Flower Pictures with White Beautyberry; It Is The Little Things with Vomeronasal Organ On Date; Mrs Nesbitt with the very touching A Friend Called Dorothy; Salty with Poachers’ Moon and House of Lime, who proves that even a recipe can be fun in the post As Requested.


i beati said...

I read about white beauty berry yesterday and was enthraled with the beauty. We have purple beautyberry here. what a marvelous decoration in the outside canvas and inside !!!

lime said...

glad my aunt's recipe gave yo uthe chuckle it gave me. it is still one of my favorites.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks David. I feel like I am in some pretty good company with the other blogs selected.

Casdok said...

Thank you!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks David.
Hardworking Hippy brought some information to our attention...Dorothy and keith are now appealing but are the guinea pigs so to speak so we will be watching their case with interest. Now, when googled, Dorothy Askew is now 3rd on the page, a great rise from 7th on Sunday. Thanks so much to everybody who googled...asimple yet effective show of support.