Monday, November 26, 2007

A Thorn Between Two Roses

Ready To Repel Darth Invaders

Photograph copyright: DAVID McMAHON

The bigger the rose, the bigger the thorns. If you look down the stem of this bud, you'll notice gossamer-thin protruberances. As the rose grows, so these grow into protective, sharp thorns. The afternoon light was just right for this shot, because it highlighted the mini-thorns while allowing me to capture the bud in all its glory. Some years ago, nurseries began selling thornless roses, but the concept didn't really take off. Can you guess why? Because thorns actually serve a crucial purpose, of keeping pests away.


eric1313 said...

That's a great shot, to capture the thorns and the bloom before maturity.

Thornless roses. Why do we need to mess with that which took god/nature so long to perfect?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, keeping pests away is critical. Beautiful shot man.

Casdok said...


Lee said...

Beautiful shot, David. I prefer the natural rose to the thornless ones. You can always pop the thorns off or clip the tips as many florists did. :)


imac said...

Sure is a super photo David.
How about an update later on as it matures.??

Patty said...


Misty Dawn said...

Gorgeous photo David! You're right - the lighting was perfect.

Brian in Oxford said...

Hi David

Keep in mind that if every rose DIDN'T have its thorn, then the old rock group Poison would lose millions in royalties, no?

But can you shave a baby rose's thorns like that?