Monday, October 06, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

Did you hear the strange case of Igor Woletski?
He told the cops his brother stole his jetski
Detectives found it on Igor's farm, using the internetski
And Igor told the insurance company, "I sorry, I forgetski"


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! And about to sell it on E-Bay-eski I bet-ski!

Merisi said...

A sad case of brotherly deriliction of booty! ;-)

Merisi said...

Oh, sorry,
I meant to write "A sad case of brotherly dereliction of booty"!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

David: That made me laugh-ski.

Pat - Arkansas said...

One of the Authorbloglets no doubt said "I'll bet you can't come up with anything to rhyme with 'jet ski', Dad." GROAN!