Friday, October 03, 2008

Post Of The Day

Today's winner is Mrs Nesbitt with It Could Only Happen In Yorkshire. The other top contenders were Jennifer Harvey with The Sweet Spot With A Side Of Ice Cream; Kim with Elements; JoAnne with Sunset On Markermeer; Rhea with My Seven Seconds As A Superhero; Corey with Reflections; Quoth The Rav with The Key To Happiness; Valarie Lee with Flashback; Glimpses From South Pasadena with Line Dance; The Zen In You with Shed Some Light On This Situation; Eudae-Mamia with Hello? and Katherine with My Writing Group. Do pay them a visit and leave a comment if you have time.

You can nominate a post too. Just leave a comment here with the URL or link - and tell us the name of the blogger you are nominating. Righty-o, then, it's over to you.


katherine. said...

oh honor me for fibbing to my folks???

thanks david!

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! Thanks David! Made my day!

Corey~living and loving said...

Thanks for the linky, David. I'm reading you....everyday....just out of time to comment. ugh...

I need to stop trying to do so much, I think.

Have a great weekend. I like you PH post. I'm not participating this weekend. tooooooo tired.

Jennifer S said...

Thank you, David! (Sorry I'm just getting here...)