Monday, May 12, 2008


Volvo Owner Can’t Toe The Line

A German court has ruled that Volvo has to pay compensation to a man who claimed his feet were too big to use the accelerator on his new car. Michael Herzog, who has size 12 feet, said the area around the accelerator of his new Volvo C70 coupe was too small. The judge agreed and said the dealer should give him five per cent off the price of his new car.

FOOTNOTE: Coupe d’etat.


quilly said...

So, he got about $1000.00 back, and still has a car that's too small -- and the balance of the loan if he didn't pay cash.

Where did this dude put his feet when he test drove the car.

Kimberly said...

And no one thought to ask why the fellow bought a car that was too small? We sure have a knack for abdication personal responsibility, don't we?

I worked at a furniture store where a lady bought a white leather sofa. She tried to return it claiming we hadn't told her that spaghetti sauce would stain it. She got quite irate with us.

Ermm. Why was she eating spaghetti on a white couch?!

Gary said...

This opens up a few more avenues of litigation for me and my Ford Ka - seeing as how I'm 6ft 8" tall and have to sit on the back seat to drive it!!

Can't wait for the solicitor's to open in the morning!!

willow said...

Bigfoot compensated.

(don't most guys wear a size 11?)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

There once was a man with big feet
Who had trouble when in the car seat
So he raised a big stink;
And the Judge said "I think,
that the carmakers pay up tout-de-suite!"

P M Prescott said...

If he didn't get a different car the problem didn't get fixed.

Shrinky said...

wheyhey - my eldest is coming up for his first car - he has size 12 feet too - it's looking like a Volvo then..

CrazyCath said...

Why didn't he just go for anohter car? Is the world mad?

74WIXYgrad said...

It wouldn't matter if my feet were too big or too small. I can't afford a brand new anything.

Bubba's Sis said...

Perhaps he's a poet,
But he didn't know it.
But his feet sure show it!
They're long fellows....