Monday, May 19, 2008

His And Hearse

Going Hell For Leather

A leather-clad former church minister in the UK has had a motorcycle hearse built for bikers' funerals. The Reverend Ray Biddiss has designed a glass, black and chrome coffin carriage with a steel deck and mourners can even travel pillion on the impressive three-wheeler that is based around a Suzuki Boulevard 1400cc Intruder. Mr Biddiss, 54, a former minister at Pellon Baptist Church in Halifax, has been a biker since he was 15.

FOOTNOTE: Hardly Davidson.


lime said...

this makes me giggle because the pastor and his wife at the church where my husband and i went as newlyweds were, at first glance, the sweetest and mildest looking couple. They seemed very gentle and very proper and the least likely to be leatherclad bikers. but they BOTH LOVED to bike.

Snooty Primadona said...

What a hoot! I'd love to see that hearse.

San said...

I first read Badass instead of Biddiss. That works too.

Hardly Davidson indeed. :-D

Lee said...

Dang, I'd have liked to see a picture of that! You're description does a good job but to see the real thing would just be so cool! :)


Shrinky said...

If he ever wants to move over here, he'd have a hero's welcome.. as you know, this island is already obsessed with biking, he'd fit in perfectly with most of the locals.

Anonymous said...

Vroom, Vroom!

Anonymous said...

Dudes....that is nothing! You should check out this site
They are much better than the thing Biddis uses. These are a bike and sidecar. It looks amazing rather than being flung on a trailer! It must look like you are taking the rubbish to the tip!
Anyway, the bloke (Paul Sinclair) who owns the sidecars is a vicar and not only does he have a Harley, he has a Suzuki Hayabusa that can do 120mph on a funeral!!!
I am so going with the Suzuki when i pop my clogs!
Alice Jones