Friday, May 09, 2008

Toilet Caper

At A Loo’s End

A German tourist had a shock when his caravan rolled 200 yards down a hill - while he was on the toilet. The man suffered only cuts and bruises after the caravan crashed into a lamppost and then into a ditch in an orchard in the Upper Austria region where he was on holiday. He was still sitting on the loo when the fire brigade arrived.

FOOTNOTE: Sitskrieg.


Daryl said...

Oh my .. talk about .. well maybe not.


Hammer said...

I bet the emergency crew mistook him for a smurf after he took a tumble with that chemical toilet.

Hilary said...

What a potty animal.

Charles Gramlich said...

About all I can say is, thank God it wasn't me.

Hillary, that is funny but you've probably condemned yourself there. ;)

katherine. said...

wow....that is a crappy thing to happen.

I bet he is glad it is all behind him now.

VP said...


Tag - you're it! I do hope you wanna play...

Rhea said...

Oh, no. How embarrassing!! That's worse than wearing ratty underwear and ending up in the emergency room. yikes

willow said...

On the road commode.

quilly said...

He rode a commode down the road,
T'was quite against his will.
He bounced through a ditch and into a pole,
Then finally all was still.

'Til the rescue team came charging in
With a first-aid kit at the fore,
Only to be met with an angry growl,
"I ain't finished yet. Close the door!"

(Twofer Thursday, David. Don't get used to it.)

Maggie May said...

Busted a gut.... laughing so much!

Quilly wrote about this man
Who moved, while sitting on the pan!
I'm glad my loo is safe & sound
And I won't end up tossed in a mound.

Now we are in disgrace,
Lowering the whole tone of this place!

Shrinky said...

Convenient place to be in light of the circumstances..

BRUNO said...

I can't top this one today! Uh-uh, ain't gonna try!

Now, I THOUGHT about it! But---nope, ain't gonna do it....!