Monday, May 19, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

My milkshake, alas,
Tastes rather salty
Is it a farce
By Basil Fawlty?


San said...

David, I see you're able to create "gustatory" pictures too. Or would that be disgustatory?

Katney said...

Why is it that this one reminds me of the time I returned home from somewhere to find that DH had mixed cookie dough to take for cookies to take to a meeting of some sort? It was in the fridge chilling, as that was the next step before baking. Being an inveterate dough taster, I had to have my bite.

Yeackrhgk! Rather than brown sugar, he had used some beef soup base we had got in the bulk foods. It looked like brown sugar in a plain plastic bag. It wasn't labeled beef soup base. It was really quite dreadful.

(I think I have solved my commenting problem. I may know after clicking publish.)

Celebration of Life said...

As always, I enjoy your wit; you crack me up!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


Maggie May said...

Sybil must have slipped it in
When really it was meant for him!
She wanted to be free of Basil
YOU nicked the drink so caused her hassle.
She'll have to try another day
To kill him off some other way!

Anonymous said...

Salt to taste?
Such a waste
for flowery twotty otters ...
scream and shout,
then throw it out ...
you horrid milky rotters!

When it's bad, it's goooooood!

Merisi said...

Good morning, Melbourne! Too bad you had to deal with that disgusting milkshake. ;-( On the other hand, if it makes a poet out of you, you can't possibly refuse the chance.
Wishing you something better tasting for future inspiration! :-)))

Sam said...

There's salt in my ale,
A horrible tale!
It was probably Manuel
From the Fawlty Hotel

Daryl said...

Have you seen American Pie?
I watched on a Fli(ght)
In it was a beer
I fear
That had been misused
Or shall I say abused
I shall spare you with what
it had been shot