Sunday, January 18, 2009

Santa Claws

That’s What You Call Pincer Movement

A lobster believed to be some 140 years old is to be freed from the confines of a tank at a New York restaurant. George the giant lobster, weighing 9kg (20lb), will be returned to the ocean. Animal rights group Peta sought the lobster's release, and will now put it back into the waters off Maine.

FOOTNOTE: Maine event.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Larry the Lobster and Sam the Clam were some fantastic
musicians on the disco circuit.
They jammed for many years till one night,
after a gig and a few beers,
they stepped out of a club and were run down
and killed by a Mack truck.
Larry the Lobster goes to heaven
and Sam the Clam goes to hell.

One day Larry says to St. Peter,
"I sure miss my old buddy Sam,
I hear he has his own disco down there.
Do you think I could go visit him and jam some,
just one more time?" St. Peter says,
"I think you can have a one time,
one-evening pass to Hell to jam with Sam the Clam."

Larry is elated and asks St. Peter for an instrument.
"All we have in Heaven are harps," he says.
Larry the Lobster shrugs and says,
"That will just have to do!"

So Larry goes off to hell and has a fantastic time.
He and Sam jam all night, just like the old days.
When he comes back and sees St. Peter,
he thanks him profusely for the pass.
But St. Peter just looks at Larry funny and asks him,
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Larry thinks for a second,
then smacks his forehead and says ...

keep scrolling

"I left my harp in Sam Clam's Disco."

Sorry David... thought it time I posted a joke here... the old ones are still the best my friend. :O)

katherine. said...

I left my harp in Sam Clam's Disco...

pretty funny

katherine. said...

oh..what I was gonna say is that after however many years living in a tank fed by humans, and without any (other) predators...when George hits the open seas his chances of survival are just about zero

George said...

George certainly made big news around here for several days. I wonder if he survived

Willow said...

And he will immediately get eaten by something higher in the food chain because he doesn't know anything about survival...poor guy.

quilly said...

I am sure the lobster originated in the ocean and could survive the habitat, what I fear he won't be able to survive is the shock of going from protected tank to a very cold, wintry sea!