Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sky’s The Limit

Even Agent Mulder Would Have Been Foxed

Thousands of callers in Germany swamped a UFO hotline after mistaking festive mini hot-air balloons for an alien invasion. Werner Walter of Germany's Central Research Network for Unusual Sky Phenomena said the red and gold lights were caused by a new Chinese-style balloon.

FOOTNOTE: Balloony Tunes.


Gail said...

It was not ballons I saw in my woods! Up at three am, enjoying the sounds and the two planet/stars that are visible to the naked eye.
A great white light covered the woods, I could not find the source, watching it hurt my eyes and covered several thousand yards, not from above but sideways. In total darkness, the light produced deep shadows on the trees.
The night sounds had ceased and I thought someone is spotlighting, a logic was searching to explain this light.
I drew no conclusions, it just was. UFO never entered my mind.
I woke my Hub to see the wonderful light, akin to the light described during a NDE.
It was gone. The night sounds returned. The two planets I had been enjoying were still there.
Nothing had changed except the light was gone.
Later the next day, they announced on the radio, a helicopter had been sighted in many counties the previous night...Right! The old, it was just a helicopter story! Then I realized I may have experienced a UFO or a ULS. Wow!

lmerie said...

Ah, such excitement to have it dashed. I saw an "UFO" when I was probably 9 - my brother saw it too. I am not saying it was aliens, but it was not a helicopter or plane or hot air balloon for that matter. It was round, lots of lights around the bottom. I've always wondered what it was. I ususally get eye rolls about it when I do share this story - hehe.


Maggie May said...

Yeah..... we have had those over our way and they were very puzzling at first. They eventually burn out and disappear.

Charles Gramlich said...

Well that's a little more exciting than just balloons. an invasion! Wow.

The Muse said...

ahhhh a balloon? bummer!

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

"The Truth Is Out There"

I have a friend who had a UFO experience years ago.
He was almost drifting off to sleep on the balcony of a friends house after a party and he saw a huge "ship" stop in front of him, hovering, full of lights and silent.
He "lost time" for some hours and woke up later and swears that he was abducted as a small scar appeared on his hand.
Whenever he tells this story most people say he must have been ever drunk or wasted on some "wacky-baccy" but he insists that what he saw was indeed a UFO...