Sunday, May 04, 2008

Verse And Worse

Random Wit, Errant Rhyme. Not A Literary Crime

Can an icicle
Ride a bicycle?
Can a dolphin
Get a round of golf in?


Jennifer H said...

Two excellent images, so I'm going to say yes to both.

Lidian said...

Greetings from Canada - and thanks for visiting Kitchen Retro...I've bookmarked authorblog and will be back to check it out soon.

I reckon, re your poem, that yes they can, why not? Perhaps a Godolphin might play as well.

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Anonymous said...

I told the icicle
On my bicycle,
"Die cicle!"
And knocked it from the seat.
I rode my bicycle,
Now sans icicle,
Happily down the street,
A dolphin there to meet.
The dolphin -- name of Bub --
Had a Golfin' Club,
I was called to sub,
For a Bottle Nose that day,
Who couldn't make the play.
We teed up on the shore,
I yelled a mighty "Fore"
The ocean gave a roar,
And I saw my ball no more.

Uncle Joe said...

quilldancer's on a roll.

an icicle CAN ride a bicycle on a not so sunny day.
a dolphin COULD get a round of golf in.
if the rules are Match Play.

shooting star said...

nice ryhme!!!!!!!!!!...visited your blog after long and its as god as ever

Misty Dawn said...

Hello my friend. Your CC hasn't posted yet, so I'm posting here quick, because I'm getting ready for bed. The name "Matouk" is an Alaskan Indian according to what my dad was told. Also - my having a linky on each of my blogs was confusing to some people - so, I only put up one Mr. Linky this week on the official Cammera-Critters blog at

Maggie May said...

Icicles stick to bicycles
When left out in the frost.
You have to smash the blighters off
Or you will count the cost.

Dolphins should be swimming
In the deep blue sea
They might well play "sea golf"
Before going home for tea!

Brian in Oxford said...

A woman needs a man like a poem needs an icicle.

Texas Travelers said...

Did you have the Martini before or after the verse?

Very nice,

the teach said...

David, Can a computer/call Roto Rooter?/Can a fur tree read Larry McMurtry?

Roto Rooter is a plumbing repair company in the US.

Haven't been around to read your blog... I apologize, David, because I realize I'm missing something! :D