Saturday, October 13, 2007

Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards

Top Blogs For Week Ending 13 October

Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards are meant to encourage bloggers from all round the world and they give new bloggers the chance to get their work noticed.

1. Kissing The Dogwood, 2. Bob T Bear, 3. Deborah Gamble,
4. Victorya, 5. Chewy, 6. Carol Cooper,
7. Mushy, 8. Rambling Traveller, 9. Creek Journal,
10. Cherished 79, 11. Hammer, 12. Brian in Oxford,
13. FHB, 14. Phaseout Girl, 15. Dan Mega,
16. Bart, 17. Grumpy'n'Farting, 18. Ak-Man,
19. Jenera Healy, 20. Yes But Images, 21. Querkey Turkey,
22. Ianqui, 23. Pasture Musings, 24. Cariboo Ponderer,
25. Goddess, 26. Random Blethers, 27. Craver vii,
28. Mrs Nesbitt, 29. My Name Is Girl, 30. Les Becker,
31. Diesel, 32. Ruth's Blog, 33. Woman Wandering,
34. Country Girl, 35. It's The Little Things, 36. Jo Beaufoix,
37. I Gotta B, 38. Luke Dockery, 39. Lotus Reads,
40. Oz Lady, 41. McGlinch, 42. House of Lime,
43. Pope Terry, 44. Merisi, 45. Karoline,
46. Nobody's Friend, 47. Invisible Studio, 48. Michal,
49. Kitchen Fire, Joint 50. Digital Flower Pix, Joint 50. Sketch and Colour.

WILDCARDS: Allan Cook, Who Dat Dare Pokah, Photoxification, Brookville Daily Photo, Danielle's Musings, Dan's Blah Blah Blog, Plumpie Mousie, Skinny Little Blonde, The Hippie Parade, Broken Man, Blog Guelph, Chumma Chumma, Bellur, Rabaul Daily Photo, Anna, BC Mom, Squiggles Mom, Chris Online, Ohara, The Max-e Files, Bruno's Blusterings, Scooter Guy, Cuckoo, Mur 38,

And honourable mentions go to: Confused Sam, Shashikiran, Suz.50, Laurent, Gerald the Goat, Lady T, David's Pics, Unforeseen Paths, Prof Bush, Copper Stiletto, Terry's Playpen, Kalyan's Dreams, Near Post, Colorado Bob, Chalkhills Collective, Chess World, Lensational, Ubertramp, I'm On My Weigh Down, Daub du Jour, Chele 76, Movies Sans Frontiers, Sandip Madan, Love's Ragpicker, Coffee Conversation, Peace With Guns, Ms Creek, Roc Rebel Granny, Travellin' Mama, Magick River, Praveen Who Writes, Auto Parts, Savannah.

In conclusion, I would just like to say I've been mentoring several bloggers for a while and it is important to know that the work of a blogger whose url has only 10 hits can be ranked alongside a blogger whose url has 10,000 hits or more. I would like other would-be writers and bloggers to benefit from the fact that I am a bestselling novelist (`Vegemite Vindaloo', published by Penguin) and career journalist with almost 30 years' experience in writing, editing, design, newspaper technology and production.


dot said...

I wish I had time to read all those blogs but I don't. There are a few on your list I read and I agree they are excellent...Kissing the Dogwood and Ruth's Blog.

mrsnesbitt said...

Moved up to 28! Hey!

Would be interested to know what criteria you use David, this would be really useful.


Merisi said...

Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Price and I moved ahead to place 44. What a week! :-)
Thank you, David!

I hope your manuscript is ready for the printers and you can enjoy a quiet Sunday.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Well, sit me on a rainbow and cover me with dew - wheyhey!! Thank you David, you've made me toes curl up, so you have. Thanks for putting the shine on my week..

Is the novel complete now? Good luck bonny lad (although we all know you won't need it).

Animals with Opinions said...

thanks again for the mention. we're going to have to work really hard to recover.

gerald the majestic goat

Lin said...

Thank you for your very kind comment as well, David. My only regret is: Why were you not born as my brother ... we could have conquered so many things in this world early on, in absolutely delightful ways.

savannah said...

you continue to honor me, sugar...i feel i must work harder now!

karoline said...

once again..david..thankyou for the time you put in on behalf of us is muchly appreciated...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oooo exciting.
Loved this weeks question.
Looking forward to tomorrows.

MM said...

this is such an exhaustive resource for sure!


WalksFarWoman said...

Holy Moly David. I've been working hard all day so went for a little nap. I just got up and am still bleary eyed, so I had to rub them hard when I saw your list.
(Now I have Panda eyes) :)

I ask you, what could be more pleasing than to be your Number 1! This high will keep me going for days and weeks. Thank you! x

Mary said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations, everyone!!

And a big round of applause from me to my Papa Craver! :)

Pope Terry said...

43, nice, still moving higher, hopefully I can keep going up. Thanks for the recognition

ozlady said...

Thanks David - hope the book is coming along nicely

Mushy said...

Thank you my friend for the plug!

Chris C said...

Like the Boston Red Sox, one of these weeks I will move from a wild card to winning the division.


Stacy said...

Thank you, David!

Diesel said...

I'd like to know how the numbers are calculated so that I can start cynically manipulating them.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ahhhh...... the presher is off me at larst!


whodatdare said...

Thank you, David for the visit to my site, your comments, your generosity in giving me a few minutes of your time, and for the upgrade to Wild Card. I feel like I've won the Lottery or something !
I'm going to continue the Macro Monday photo theme on a semi-regular basis. I hope others here may want to join in on this, as there are some really talented photographers that frequent this site.

sex said...
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sex said...
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Anonymous said...
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