Friday, October 12, 2007

Uncanny X2 Men

You Did WHAT With My Citroen?

Three Transformers fans in China have taken three months to build their own robot out of a Citroen C2 car. Sui Lulu, Zhang Yiming and Li Wei, from Nanjing city, have named the 15 foot (five metres) Transformer X2. "We are huge Transformers fans, and grew up with them on TV and in comic books," says graphic designer Sui Lulu. He says they picked the Citroen C2 because it's small: "We originally wanted to make the figure of Optimus Prime, who is transformed from a truck. But we calculated that the final figure would be around seven storeys high, and we couldn't find room for it. So we went with the Citroen C2."

FOOTNOTE: X2, Brutus?

To see the photograph, go to Ananova.


Les Becker said...

Suddenly, I don't feel so "talented", anymore - LOL! I can't even wrap my brain around a drag-and-drop interface. Argh!

Vic Grace said...

My kids loved the transformers and they used to make their own out of lego as well. I could never figure out how they could put stuff together and then with a couple of little changes it would be something entirely different.

Good luck with the new book.

David I don't expect you to visit every day. That is a huge commitment to comment on everyone's blog all the time. I have been trying to be more diligent about answering people and visiting but it takes a tremendous amount of time and then I have to try and fit in a post. So be released just keep in touch once in a while and I will do likewise. I have you on my reader so I don't miss your blog.

Anonymous said...

That is freakin awesome!!!

It looks like something from the movie too.

Hammer said...

I've never been able to put a transformer toy back into one of it's proper configurations. I guess that's what smart kids are for :)

MM said...

David, u r such a voluminous poster!!

I come here after a couple of days and have so much to catch up with!!

Ak-Man said...

Way too much spare time!

Damn, do these people work 4 hour shifts or something? Do they even have jobs?

Is their Transformer better that the lame movie?

Lin said...

Near and dear to my heart! I cherished the tiny cooler from the Citroen Diane for many years as an oil cooler on my Commando.

sex said...
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